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Cian Walker

Cian Walker

Cian spent the first 10 years of his career in the charity sector and so came to economics from a direction of wanting to understand why unnecessary poverty exists in a materially abundant world. He is interested in the philosophical, psychological, anthropological, historical, and evolutionary drivers of hierarchy, inequality, and politics. His main influences are Piketty, Taleb, Mandelbrot, and Varoufakis. He holds an undergraduate degree in business and computing and a masters in finance from Dublin Business School. He has one daughter, Elise. He is a cyber security engineer in his day job. He has joined Real Progressives to bring a European perspective to our campaign to mainstreamify MMT.
man in suit corroded, capitalism
Economic Justice

Capitalism is Bad for Business

The reason debates about economic equality, social mobility, access to opportunity, capitalism, socialism, and politics are bogged down in stubborn, circular quagmires is because most people see capitalism and commerce as the same thing.

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