MMT is Reality

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MMT, aka Modern Monetary Theory, however poorly the name works for you, is not a system that has to be implemented someday. It is a perfectly accurate description of how our currency works. It is a myth-busting destroyer of propaganda and myths. The establishment and the activist alike speak in lies from the tablecloth… MMT destroys those arguments by shining a light on the functional realities.

There is no agreeing with parts of it.

It is simply reality.

So, we win when we understand how the underlying system works.

The choices we make should be founded in reality.

That is what MMT gives us. A foundation from which to make real decisions based on operational realities.

Stop trying to figure out if you want to implement this.

It is already here and being used against the 99%.

Like anything, it can be used for great good or great evil.

However, when the public ignorantly marches forward without this knowledge… It destroys the very things it wants and needs.

Diagnosing economic problems without MMT as a guidepost is like a guy who stayed at a Holiday Inn pretending to be a doctor.

“Which arm did you need amputated?”…

“Uh Doc… I just have some austerity-driven constipation”


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