Rage Against Austerity

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I woke today with an inner rage that can only come from experience and knowledge.
This winter, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be on the streets homeless, without food, shelter or heat.
Families will break up from financial distress. Kids will be dealing with life insecurities, bullies who capitalize on weakness and observers will judge “misbehavior” versus digging deeper for the real root causes.
45,000 suicides from joblessness will occur and many more will unsuccessfully try to take their lives in despair.
Millions will suffer from food insecurity or poor nutrition because of financial destitution, austerity and Calvinism.
Millions will die from pollution and the environmental destruction from contaminated drinking water. Airborne illnesses from air pollution will kill or severely damage their lungs as well.
Hundreds of thousands of minorities, vulnerable from years of systemic and environmental racism, will die attempting to survive by living in alternative economies from unregulated prostitution to slinging drugs and gang-related violence.
Many women will suffer the effects of rape and be forced to self-medicate, have unsafe, unregulated procedures and even commit suicide from a lack of available, affordable services.
Millions of individuals suffering from mental illness will go untreated, commit suicide, commit murders, destroy families and end up in jail as opposed to a medical facility…
All because the people are more worried about the tone of activists sharing the econonic truths to fix all of the above… tone-policing.
And ultimately because of austerity. Cutting federal spending. Tax cuts for the rich and not Medicare for All, student loan forgiveness, free college for all, a Federal Job Guarantee, Green Energy and an overall dereliction of duty to serve the people by our “elected representatives.” Voters are easily distracted and politicians gleeful of our short memories.
#LearnMMT #FuckAusterity #GetSmart #RiggedElections #ShortSightedness #DNC #TaxScamBill

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