Into The Abyss…

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Share Into The Abyss…
20th century fascists
never were disposed
of ubiquitous technocracy
absolutely presupposed
Facebook, Google, Apple…
and all the juggernauts
devices that connect us
connections that addict us
addictions that consume us
Zucky, Jobs, and Bezos
and all those wunderkind,
the high priests of the temple
never to rescind
tech gods in the heavens
dwelling in the clouds
shrouding Mount Olympus
lightning flash aloud
cleverness and ambition
alchemy and occult
everything means nothing
an amorphous construct
everywhere leads nowhere
wisdom has resigned
sociopathic ??bermensch
the kind are not their kind
the meaning and the nonsense
the darkness and the bright
the box that has been opened
by Pandora’s appetite
Into our minds and bodies,
forever and a day
3G, 4G, 5G,
6G, 7 and 8
radiation from the ethos
distractions microwaved
ever more pervasive
and never to be stayed
Nowhere left to run to
nowhere left to hide
with every generation
it gets more fortified
If you share into the abyss
and share for long enough
the abyss will not share back
cause Facebook will disrupt
with algorithmic roadblocks
that limit range of reach
the abyss may well be sharing
but this it cannot breach
The networkÆ’??s interdictions
of all that you may share
and everything of interest
for all of which you care
Intrinsic in its purview
and never unaware
you’ll never live without it
it will never not be there
Wi-Fi to a universe
programmed just for you
all that you could ever want
on your screen to view
but nothing that you really need
nothing to thine self be true
sever through the Gordian Knot
untether from the ties that bind
close the blinds to snoops and sleuths
burn your bridges in the night
pass the points of no return
reclaim time better spent
See towering trees that touch the sky
feel raindrops dance upon your face
hear orchestrated soundscapes play
look ever closer to what is at hand
And see ever further the lay of the land
seek quietude in the space that within
heed the inner voice that whispers dim
speak the path to enlightenment:
respect the mother of planet Earth
beware the lost in mazes they made
beware the blind who lead the parade
Beware the thirst that is never quenched
beware the hunger insatiably clenched
Beware of enough that is never enough
Beware the plight of the human race
Stairs without handrails
handrails without stairs
dragon self-consuming
the ad hoc prevails
cacophony and cunning
the static and the noise
omnipotence arises
the demagogue is poised
a family coronation
the king assumes his throne
his subjects that he makes us
are expected to condone
the emperor hath no clothing
his absent soul exposed
those of whom are looking
are those who do not see
those of whom are seeing
are those who dare not look
The menagerie of henchman
that perpetuate the swamp
he stocked the castle moat with
to creep and crawl and chomp
fangs that slide and slither
teeth that tear flesh raw
he feeds them oh so often
with every evened score

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