Environmental & Ecological Justice is the least of what we owe to the Earth, to our children.

Environmental & Ecological Justice
Climate change is a real existential threat.

We have plastics floating in our oceans & cities like Flint, MI, still don't have clean water.

There are only 10 years left before we cause irreparable harm to the carbon balance in the world.

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What can we do?
There are more options than you might think, but they will not come easy without a solid understanding of basic macroeconomics.

We are here to help teach the 99%.

This is how we work together and win.
A Green New Deal
GND involves the collaboration of the federal government, state governments, and businesses to reduce our carbon imprint by using alternative energy sources.

By subsidizing renewables instead of carbon-based energy, we can work to get our carbon imprint to zero or less.
Just Transition
Allows workers to maintain their incomes as we transition away from extractive fossil fuel-based industries.

Education and other supportive assistance for communities with high percentage of fossil fuel workers
Moving Toward a Caring Economy
The transition to a sustainable economy and just society requires a transformation away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy.

It will also require changes to our social structures away from authoritarian models and toward more democratic institutions with power in the hands of the people.
Where Do I Learn More?
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Weaponizing knowledge, one mind at a time.

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Modern Monetary Theory and Economic Justice

Economic Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Environmental and Ecological Justice

Environmental & Ecological Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Peace with Justice

Peace with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Equality with Justice

Equality with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Democracy


Modern Monetary Theory - Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Technology & Innovation - Modern Monetary Theory

Technology and Innovation

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