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Real Progressives and the creators of “The Con” present a new series, “The New Untouchables:  The Pecora Files,” meticulously detailing the rampant financial fraud that has been poisoning our economy for the last century, and what is to be done about it.  “The Con” took a simple but revolutionary approach to explaining the epidemic of elite fraud driving the great financial crisis of 2007-2008. The New Untouchables presents the heroes, one at a time, who sought to prevent it and hold the elite predators accountable.  ”The Con” deconstructs the largest criminally engineered heist and cover up in history with no high level convictions of the Wall Street Execs. The system we’re experiencing has spun completely out of control. The Corruption is what is driving the USS Titanic. It must end before it ends us.

Patrick Lovell

Patrick S. Lovell

Patrick is a 30 year veteran of media production. He is producer and protagonist of the recent documentary limited series: THE CON.

Eric S. Vaughan

Eric is an award-winning commercial director/producer with extensive experience in leading-edge media production from narrative films to VR/immersive experiences. Eric has recently completed his long-form documentary series directorial debut, THE CON.
Steve Grumbine

Steven D. Grumbine

Steve is the Founder, President and CEO of Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action, two non-profits dedicated to educating the public about Modern Monetary Theory.

Season 1: The Pecora Files

Watch Episode 1 - The Vaccine for Systemic Corruption

Watch Episode 2 - It's Theft

Listen to the Podcast

Steve, Patrick and Eric talk with two of the foremost experts on corruption within the financial system, William K. Black former OTS Regulator and Arthur Wilmarth, Professor of Law at George Washington University. Listen as they describe how banking was made safe and “boring,” and how the walls that made it so have been systematically demolished leading to the white-collar lawlessness of our current day.

Steve, Eric and Patrick connect with former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann and retired detective Tom Murphy. They reflect on the lessons of their historic fraud investigation and RICO prosecution of Ohio-based predatory lenders in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, why they were the only cops on the beat, and what the government blueprint should be moving forward. 


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