Learning to view the world through an MMT lens

MMT Mondays is a weekly video presentation featuring a series of concise, easy to understand modern monetary theory lessons from MMT economists from across the globe. These videos have been chosen by Real Progressives’ volunteers who came to learn MMT in various ways.

Real Progressives uses the hashtag #EachOneTeachOne. It’s our hope, our mission, our intention to teach those uninformed or misinformed, the realities of how “money” actually works. Why hang on to the myths and plain untruths that have come to be recognized as gospel when it comes to our current monetary system, specifically the federal government’s ability to “pay for stuff.”

Join us in making MMT relevant to current events, how it affects us daily. MMT IS NOW! It is a framework, a lens through which we view the economy. It’s not just a theory.

For more great MMT Mondays episodes, check out our YouTube playlist or follow us on Rokfin!

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