Immigration Reform

The US was built and continues to be fueled by immigrants from around the globe. Programs like a Federal Job Guarantee can help stop the bigotry caused by employment scarcity.  Browse our library for more ideas.

Video / Audio

Check out this collection of videos and podcast episodes focused on equality and justice for all.

Steve Grumbine hosts Dr. Fadhel Kaboub

Listen in as Fadhel and Steve explore climate change, immigration, a job guarantee and ultimately xenophobia and bigotry.

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 22 - Climate Refugees and the Economic Solution to Xenophobia With Fadhel Kaboub

The evening news has stories of children in cages on the US-Mexican border. Again. Fadhel Kaboub, President of the Global Institute of Sustainable Prosperity, asks us to imagine the conditions that would make someone desperate enough to send their kids off to seek safety in a foreign land.

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 71 - Labor Pains with Tschaff Reisberg

As MMTers, Tschaff and Steve understand the importance of fighting for a Job Guarantee. They talk about the myriad benefits which include protecting labor, stabilizing the economy, and preventing inflation. It also combats anti-immigrant sentiment; if your own job is secure, you have no reason to fear others.

Written Materials

Check out these related articles from our local community and beyond.

Academic Publications

A collection of peer-reviewed white papers and working papers from our friends in the MMT academic community.

Immigration Policy Undermines the US Pandemic Response

Research Scholar Martha Tepepa explains how the US response to the COVID-19 crisis will be hindered by its approach to immigration policy. The administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration campaign creates a public health risk in the context of this pandemic, and the recent implementation of the “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” final rule penalizing noncitizen recipients of some social services will further restrict access to treatment and encumber the fight against the coronavirus.

Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants Would Not Burden US Economy—Levy Economics Institute

The Levy research argues that “legalizing a significant proportion of the undocumented immigrant population would not impose serious costs on either the economy in general or the social insurance system in particular.” In fact, author Selçuk Eren, a Levy research scholar, finds maintaining the status quo would be economically wasteful.

Envisioning Provisioning: Forgiveness and the Possibility of Peace

From this heterodox economist’s perspective, [the refugee crisis] is an opportunity to refresh and renew a meaningful discussion of value, through exploration of the uncharted policy space of sovereign currency issue. We do not need to envision what will happen with further escalation of war. The refugee crisis is the result of foreign policy driven by capital’s incentives. Through the camouflage of optimization and rationality, we find greed, individualism, and racism. These are the values that continue to devastate lives, countries, and generate chaos in the Middle East and at home.

H.R.656 - DREAMers, Immigrants, and Refugees (DIRe) Legal Aid Act

This bill directs the Department of Justice to make grants to nonprofit legal services providers to provide immigration law-related services to certain aliens facing removal or at risk of being denied entry into the United States.

H.R.6 - American Dream and Promise Act of 2019

This bill cancels and prohibits removal proceedings against certain aliens and provides such aliens with a path toward permanent resident status.

Policy Resources

Links to progressive bills and proposals currently making their way through the United States Congress

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