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Landlord Elegy

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An organism what feeds off its host
Giving nothing of value
Leaving little, leeching most
Self-proclaimed lords
So they love to boast
So they love to preen
Hoarding far more shelter
Than they themselves would ever need
Self-serving bandits
With their documents and deeds
Their courts, cops, and congressslime
The whole bloodsucking creed
Greed addicted
Gluttonously afflicted
With a ravenous appetite
For the misery they’re inflicting
On the folks they’re evicting
Enriching themselves
Through methods so sickening

Systemic swindling so succinctly
Capitalist simping ‘pick me’s’
Traitors to humanity
Turncoats of societies
Perpetuating pretentious, parasitic proprieties
By the self-righteous propertied
To the awakening prolecitizenry
In this bizarro-nightmarish hellscape, meritocracy
Expecting voluntary relinquishing for the greater good
Defines futility
These rapacious, scavenging, uncompromising tyrants
Understanding only the dialect of the violence
That they unleash on their tenants victims
With virtual silence
From our governing bodies… Exposing compliance
Between big money lobbies, and sectors of finance
The rentiers, owners, and bourgeois alliance
Concerting their efforts, to streamline our demise
Suffocating defiance

What is to be done?
About this virus among us
Rotting communities from inside
Like so much cancer or fungus
My humble suggestion
From a commie’s perspective
Is to execute directives
Engineered for direct action
Organizing tenant factions
To block court actions for immoral family extractions
And if those tactics don’t hack it
A call to arms and skull crack(tion)
May bring satisfaction
And a formula to solve our landlord equation
Addition by subtraction

Because in a just world
Landlords wouldn’t exist
They don’t ‘provide housing’
Quite the opposite
Deepening generational inequality
By gouging the poor for a necessity
But the reality is more ridiculous than any twisted fantasy
An ironic obscenity
Absurdity espousing
Renters are actually providing these landlords with housing
By paying their mortgages
And the ‘middleman fees’
While these barnacles on society
Starve the real-time economies
In our real-life communities
Bitch please.
Time for a private property seize
With the impending thawing of eviction freeze
‘Lords salivating with visions
Of desperate proles, on their knees
Or will it activate our comrades
Kids, uncles, and momrades
To fight these fucking parasites
To hammer these bastards
They’re exploitative leeches
Not shrewd business masters
I suggest mass “poorganizing”
And texts by Mao Tse Tung
Because “We The Peoprole” outnumber these disease ridden flea-like fucking cretins
10,000 to 1


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