Peace cannot stand without Justice by its side.

Peace with Justice
To have real peace, we must end...

War on Drugs
Prison Pipeline System
The Dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex
Police Brutality

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What can we do?
There are more options than you might think, but they will not come easy without a solid understanding of basic macroeconomics.

We are here to help teach the 99%.

This is how we work together and win.
Reduce the Military Budget
Not because we need to reallocate the money to other programs, but because don't want to continue to be the imperialists we are now.

Reducing the military budget will make it less able to affect regime change.

While we claim to represent democracy around the world, our military does the opposite. By defunding it, other nations will be able to govern their countries accordingly.
Ending the Cycle of Incarceration
No profiting in the incarceration of citizens

The end of quotas will reduce incarceration percentages

Ending the cash bail system that preys upon low income people

Changing discriminatory laws that take away constitutional rights after time served
Holding Police Accountable
No more militarization of police forces

Community policing

Independent community review boards
End the War on Drugs
Destroy the school to prison pipeline

Reduce gang and police violence

Open the way for legal marijuana businesses with permits & business loans partial to communities most affected by the war on drugs

In the case of other addictions, like opioids or heroin, mandate healthcare over incarceration
Where Do I Learn More?
Click on any of the below focus area links to learn more about what's currently happening and what types of solutions are being offered to help create a brighter future for all of us.
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