Working Class Dismissed

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Our representation, 
Is all grandiose presentation, 
A premeditated conjuration, 
Of the celebrity encapsulation we crave, 
We cave, 
When our Yaaas Kweens are trending, 
Pandering, pretending, 
As the resistance is suspending, 
The insistence on breaking the system, 
Cools to bending 
Persistence on equality, pending, 
As sleepy privi-liberals get back to sending, 
For brunch. 🥂  
Our cries for an uprising, 
Now muffled by mimosa glasses, 
Increasingly silenced as they passes, 
Their way up the classes, 
And are met with resentment, 
And disdain for our asses, 
Bourgeoise contempt for the masses, 
Exempt from our sadness, 
But the real madness lies, 
In the sighs of relief, 
The distorted belief, 
That victory’s been achieved, 
That now we can breathe, 
That now we can grieve, 
And can go back to sleep, 
Being granted reprieve, 
Malevolent demons out, 
Benevolent angels in, 
Fascist clowns, with frowns, replaced, 
By fascist clown with grins, 
The people lose, oligarchs win, 
Back to the same old crapitalism again, 
Back to taking the scraps we’re given, 
The unnecessary misery we’re living in, 
By those who know not, 
Of this lack of human subsistence, 
Those who clearly exude privilege, 
A reeking stench of pretentiousness, 
Apathetic condescendingness, 
Punching down on the powerless, 
Sadistic acts of justifying selfishness, 
Embracing status quo, 
Displacing prolet woe, 
Defacing grievances of the economically low 
Now that the protagonist has defeated its foe, 
It’s all for show, kabuki, 🎭  
A ridiculous 4 years and exaggerated fears, 
Of fascism blooming, 
Drove demand for the blue team, 
But the F word ain’t just near, it’s here, 
Wearing a veil, but never more clear 
Waiting for a Trump and your angry tears, 
Your fright, your ignorance, your angst, alas… 
Furthering the dupe of the brainwashed mass, 
Murdering the destitute and the working class, 
Burdening austerity measures, beg for imminent revolt 
While elites plead with plebs – be patient and vote, 
We might get Trump back, 
If we now rock the boat, 
Reform from within, ask pretty please, 
Just don’t be too critical of the AOC’s, 
The Ro Khanna’s and Tlaib’s, 
Those acting as our champions, 
Pro-wrestling with the bourgeoisie, 
Soap operas featuring the ruling elite, 
Empty platitudes and posturing, 
While we jus tryin to eat, 
We jus tryin to survive, 
We jus tryin to keep the motherfuckin planet alive, 
But we’re out of time, 
For performative incremental policy jive, 
And fuck those who say that we sound out of line, 
When we demand of our squad
What we know in our minds, 
To be necessary, right and in line, 
With the needs of our comrades, 
In these most desperate times. 
Please realize, 
That this intentional oppression, 
Hidden by celebrity and misdirection 
Our democracy’s decomposition 
Is a death knell for progression, 
Another feature and symptom, 
Of neoliberal indoctrinism, 
A terminally poisoned well syndrome, 
Too many examples to list from, 
Anyone who claims the system works, 
Likely works for the system. 
We need to convince them, 
And enlist them, 
To join us in the… 
Do you hear revolution’s call? 

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