Don’t Confuse Progressivism With Libertarianism

This is a partial transcript of Steven Grumbine’s stream on Progressivism vs Libertarianism:

The point is that Gary Johnson is not fighting for the same causes we’re fighting for. His idea of not getting involved in wars is really not about getting involved in wars; it’s really more about the government, and the government not being involved in anything. And the idea of ending the drug war is really not about ending the drug war — it’s really about getting the government out of everything. And when you talk about government spending, our government is the reason we have cash. They are the creator of the US dollar.

Libertarians like Gary Johnson are not out there fighting to solve for inequality. They are not out there fighting for people who are downtrodden and hurt. They have this belief that all things government are bad. What I have a belief in is that all things CORRUPT are bad. So the idea that government is inherently bad is preposterous; it’s stupid. … Our Congress is the one that’s in charge of spending money on us. So when you hear people like Gary Johnson talking about balanced budgets and cutting spending, cutting Social Security, cutting this, cutting that, that is the antithesis of being progressive. So don’t bring that Gary Johnson nonsense around here and think that it’s gonna hold water.

I’m really excited that he doesn’t want to see anybody die in wars. But he’s not really worried about people dying in wars. He’s really just worried, once again, about getting the government out. It’s always about getting the government out. Get the government out. Get the government out. … CONGRESS owns fiscal policy. It is not a progressive thing to cut spending. It is not a progressive thing to cut safety nets. It is not a progressive thing to make a more dog eat dog world. It is not a progressive thing to believe that all of a sudden, we do away with government, and everybody’s just okay. Everybody’s eating fine, everybody’s drinking the water fine, nobody’s hurting each other; all of a sudden it’s peace and love!

Cutting federal spending is like putting a bullet in your own head. It’s stupid. It’s the most stupid thing you could do on the planet. Cutting spending is political and human suicide to a nation. … all the makers and takers…. and they’ll make your EpiPen through the roof, just like they are today. The same invisible hand will take over, and all the things you hate about capitalism will reign supreme in your life. Libertarianism is the epitome of capitalism. At the end of the day, the makers will make sure that the takers suffer mightily. Because you can’t force me. Well, we’re not forcing you, because your stupid tax dollars don’t fund spending. So, Gary Johnson, nice guy… hey bring the weed, but I ain’t voting for you.. and you’re not a progressive. Don’t buy the hype: Gary Johnson is just another fiscal conservative who smokes a joint every now and again, and doesn’t cringe at the gay sex.

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