Stop Settling and Fight

It’s not good enough to say to yourself: “I did the best I could…” regarding fighting for a ROBUST New Deal. It is easy to tire… to grow bored… but it is quite literally up to us to make it become unacceptable and with consequences for politicians to NOT do our bidding. They won’t do our bidding if we do not maintain the pressure.

Look around you… who do you see consistently and passionately fighting for a New Deal??? Who??? The reason you see people dink and dunk around the edges is because they no longer believe they can be effective… life is comfortable… they only show up every 4 years or during elections… or… they are trapped in a small world that says taxes fund federal spending, so a massive New Deal is too “expensive” and they cannot answer the all mighty questions that hold the tombstones of our movement repeatedly: “How are you gonna pay for it?” As Stephanie Kelton, Bernie Sanders’ former economic advisor, says… the answer to that question is always “Congress will authorize the spending”.

They need to see us demand it. Are you in? We at Real Progressives are all about enabling a (Green) New Deal. Keep an eye out as we work to empower our movement to stop accepting crumbs and excuses. We demand action with or without Trump. No matter who is in office. No matter how rigged the elections are. No matter how bad the media is. The people united can never be defeated. #NotMeUs

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