MMT Works Today

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MMT is an accurate description of How our underlying operational realities work today.
So to deny it presents a barrier to progressive programs and services.
So… yes…. if you are blocking the knowledge of how to get a progressive agenda accomplished TODAY you have placed unnecessary blockers in front of saving lives.
Moreover, if the planet is in such precarious environmental shape, you do not have time to tear it all down, rebuild, hope conservatives and others go along.
MMT destroys conservative objections to progressive policies so we win.
This is why those who fight for MMT are so adamant.
You act like we have all the time in the world.
You act like the poor today have all the time in the world just to wait for you to build enough energy to tear the world down and rebuild it.
We stand for Green Energy. NOW.
We stand for FREE National Health Service NOW
We stand for FREE college NOW.
We stand for expanding Social Security NOW to accommodate a basic income.
We stand for a FEDERAL JOB GUARANTEE to eradicate unwanted unemployment. (Today our government STILL uses NAIRU to keep people unemployed for fear of inflation garbage)
We stand for a full refresh of our national infrastructure.
We stand for eliminating the Military as the employer of last resort.
We stand for saving lives and planet before it is too late
Perhaps someone could explain a PROGRESSIVE rebuttal to why that is bad.
Because that is exactly what we need.
MMT does not preclude Coops
MMT does not prevent local economies
MMT does not stand in the way of passing anti-corruption laws.
MMT does not stand in the way of fully funded publicly funded elections.
MMT does NOT do any of that
It also teaches us that we can have nice things IN SPITE of the greedy rich.
It shows how to render them IRRELEVANT.

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