Demand What You Deserve

The rich have been redistributing the wealth of the world to themselves at the expense of everyone else since…forever. No one has a right to own half the world’s resources. No one has a right to exploit and oppress people just so that they can make a higher profit margin. No one has a right to get rich off a person’s labor and pay them so little they can’t afford to survive.

Money is a public utility created by government to create commerce. It does not belong to you. You earn it with your labor so when the tax man comes calling you have something to pay him with. What you have leftover is what you use to live your life.

No one has a right to behave as if they are superior to others just because they have more of a made-up thing in their bank account. This whole system is completely fucked up because the rich assholes who wouldn’t give a second thought to overworking you to death, or selling you a defective product (or an intentionally dangerous one) if it meant more profit for them, have people defending their supposed right to treat you like you aren’t a human being, like you’re just another resource to be used up and thrown away.

Stand up for yourself and humanity. You deserve better. You don’t deserve to struggle just to make ends meet. You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect no matter what your life choices are. You deserve to be able to pursue whatever life you want as long as you’re not harming others. You deserve to be free from worrying and stressing about whether or not you’ll have a warm, dry place to lay your head at night or enough food to feed your children.

It is time to change how we treat each other and how we view the world. There is NO reason why we can’t have everything we were promised: a family, a home, transportation, meaningful work, and yes, entertainment and relaxation. The ONLY thing getting in the way is our own lack of self-worth. Those in power have convinced us that we don’t deserve it. They’ve convinced us that THEY have the right to rule and hoard the wealth of the world because they are somehow special or better than us. But that is complete and utter bullshit.

I’m not talking about some hippie-dippy “we all just need to love each other” kind of thing, although that would ultimately be better. I’m not saying we should literally take everything they own from them and force them to live impoverished lives in order to understand what it’s like. What I am saying is that you should be PISSED OFF. They take and take and take and then act indignant if you demand more. This is OUR world! Let’s make it OURS and stop kowtowing to their interests.

We have more than enough to feed and house and clothe EVERYONE, but we don’t demand it because they’ve brainwashed us into thinking we don’t deserve it. FUCK THAT! We don’t need a resistance, we need a REVOLUTION of mind, body and spirit! The kind of revolution that changes how we see the world.

Take this world and let’s make it beautiful. Let’s clean up the environment. Let’s make sure that everyone has their needs met. Let’s stop pretending property matters more than people. Let’s make happiness and fulfillment of every human being our ultimate goal. WE CAN DO IT! But we need YOU! YOU have to get fired up and be willing to fight for this vision. YOU have to understand that YOU matter too and WE outnumber them 999 to 1!


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