Culling The Herd

Culling The Herd

The ruling elite will shape the stimulus bill to reflect their wants over our needs.

Trump demonstrated criminal negligence by cutting crucial medical preparedness out of the budget and by slow-walking his initial response.

The state of our emergency medical preparedness and economic sustainability planning has been almost non-existent.

Now he wants to fast-track everyone back to work to earn their own way through this pandemic regardless of the risk of contagion.

The logic seems to be… the less supplementation needed to be withdrawn and paid out monthly from the fund the more that will be left for the overlords to usurp. Accounting 101.

Since the days of Reagan, Republican administrations have wanted to kill Medicare and Social Security.

From its inception, Covid-19 has wanted to kill the old and the compromised.

Think about the common objective being satisfied here…two birds with one virus.

Hasn’t Hollywood portrayed the absolute vulnerability of biological beings to opportunistic mutagens enough times on the silver screen?

Apparently not.

The young and the healthy will survive the plague, the old and the medically compromised will not.

Survival of the fittest…culling the herd (jz)

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