least tern


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California least tern springs
off the ground, its trampoline
Brown pelican’s elegant plumage
beak like thin blown glass
wooly sea-blite the goosefoot family’s
necklace of tubes and pearls, fancy
get up by the sea, oh yes, to see! 

These species, native born 
They don’t tell us what they think of us  


the small beach animals find shelter in the red sand verbena
humans crowd their mats, disturb their habitat
with not even so much as a sigh
humans won’t feel it if these small ones die 

urban interface relentless 

bird in the wetlands glazed in oil that bubbled to the surface
its lungs collapse
                               falls to an unnecessary death 

Bulldozers intrude upon the lagoon dwellers home 

The mother will not say please don’t intrude
She will as indigenous
Rise up to reclaim
Her home

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