#OPINION: Thank You, Birdie

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I was born to a lower middle class, white, Christian, Republican family in Massachusetts. My friends growing up were Libertarian. I, too, grew up believing that this was how I was supposed to think.My mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, friends, and so on, were conservatives and right-leaning centrists. It was pretty easy to get the feeling that this way of thought was “correct,” when it is the only perspective you get. As a result, I “believed” that I was a Conservative and that politics was for big name families with lots of money because that was what my upbringing told me.
Then, I met my future wife, a deep left Liberal. I loved what she had to say. I lived for every time that she made me realize that I didn’t even know why I believed what I did. I just did because, “I was supposed to.” Then, she introduced me to this Independent guy from Vermont who somehow made it all the way to the Senate.

This guy had so many radical but necessary ideas, and they resonated deeply with me. Because of this gentleman, I began to research his political positions, the history of Progressivism, and the rankings of leading Progressive nations across the world. Progressivism had won my heart and allowed me to put a term to what I TRULY, personally believed; not just what I was taught to believe.

Bernie Sanders, from then, had my wholehearted support. When he announced his candidacy for president, I was elated. I spent the primary stumping for him” writing articles, getting involved in debates, informing voters, spreading campaign messages, running the numbers on how “we can still win this” to keep the #StillSanders camp motivated, and much more.

While the Democratic Primary, and the general election, did not go the way we would have liked or planned, it and Bernie taught me so much. He (and my wife) taught me who I truly was. He taught me that Progressivism matters and that there are others who agree with me. But, most importantly, he taught me that I MATTER.

Bernie Sanders taught me that my opinions matter, that politics is not just for the elites and those who can buy it, and that not only can I run for office, but that I SHOULD.

I will never forget the old, Independent Senator from Vermont who inspired the country and the world to unite and act.

Thank you, Bernie.

Always Forward. Never back.


#StillSanders #BernieorBust #OurRevolution

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