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Truth Above Party

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I have a problem…

Check that, we have a problem.
Fighting the “establishment” has made it so that anyone or anything “not establishment” gets a pass for a lack of credibility or honesty in general.
We have castigated the “vote-blue sycophant” for making excuses for abhorrent candidates, party bosses, and rules that stack the deck against populism in the party.
However, beyond the duopoly, we have the exact same approach brewing in the bowels of 3rd party movements.
Old guard, good ole boys run the roost. They peacock about flexing their big fish, small pond status, and block progress and change.
Whether it be Green or Blue… you must occupy the old guard, oust them and take over or either strategy will fail.
Burgeoning new 3rd parties can fall prey to this too.
Protecting the party brand at the expense of real change and progress.
Greens say they are a decentralized party and each is different. This is true. One guy lambasted me as a communist and another took swipes at me that I was a capitalist. MMT confuses people, destroys the political lines and strongholds and offers a real pathway to unifying the 99%.
But the concern is this: If you know the truth, believe the truth and ultimately want to advance the truth, party politics and sensibilities will block you. As long as the good ole boys can sideline the truth, they have exhausted their usefulness.
We must occupy all parties… Greens, Blues, Reds, and Purples. We cannot allow economic mysticism and lies to have a place in society.
Just like stomping out racism, economic truth must prevail. Those who peddle economic myths and legends must be taught or removed and bypassed.
We literally do not have time to wait.
I look at my son… my beautiful, sweet autistic son and well up with a father’s rage as people sideline the efforts to enlighten the masses about economics and the incredible necessity gaining this knowledge presents to us.
There is no Medicare for All without MMT.
There is no Green Energy without MMT.
There is no Student Debt Eradication without MMT.
There is no Federal Job Guarantee without MMT.
And there is no Green New Deal package without a movement knowledgeable about how a sovereign, currency-issuing, free-floating, non-convertible fiat currency regime we have today actually operates.
What to do, what to do…
My son deserves better. So do your kids.
We all deserve better than these old guard purveyors of evil that block progress regardless of what party they inhabit.
Let’s all be a rogue strain of truth and change them all before it is too late.

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