Hurrah For The Brits

Hurrah for the Brits. I hope they hold steady and embrace courage for a few more months. Ms. May lied. She said she would Brexit. After all, it was by popular vote. Can’t get more democratic than a direct vote by the general population. They won’t allow it here. The ballot choice was simple: Stay In EU or Get out of EU. No half-measures. The people voted out. Of course, all she gave the will of the people was “lip service.” Seems the wealthy and the powerful of Britain don’t think much of the common, or working persons’, ability to plot their own life. They.. just.. can’t know, what’s best for themselves. Hey, let’s have another referendum, maybe they’ll get it right this time.It’s pretty easy to plot the position of the wealthy and the powerful. Watch and listen to the media: TV, cable, new services, radio, magazines. Public radio here in Pennsylvania, the Guardian in Britain. Balanced – NO. They have an agenda. Let’s give it a bit of thought. The people who run the media are wealthy and powerful. Their owners are wealthy and powerful. The institutions who patronize them by advertising, philanthropic support, and run them are wealthy and powerful. Now tell me. After knowing that. Just what type of world view do you think they will project and represent?
It’s pretty easy to vote NO on the EU. Look at what it’s brought about: greater and greater economic inequality, rising far-right political factions, greater poverty, and economic suffering, unemployment, angry nationalism. That’s the harvest of injustice.

Remember just after the vote for Brexit. All the scare talk. How bad it was going to be. How great the cost to British economic growth. What a disaster in the making. What comes out of Brussels. Intimidation, bullying. They threaten harm and bitterness to anyone who thinks of leaving. That kind of talk comes from failing. After almost 20 years the tree has born its fruit. And it’s bad. Success and prosperity should be the argument that persuades participation. Today, 1/16/19, Business Insider, Australia, had an article about economic failure in Europe. At this time the British Economy is doing better than Germany or France.

Neoliberalism. Just the robber baron laissez-faire capitalism of the 19th century with a new coat of paint. The best medicine for this is progressive politics and economics; thinking that comes from compassion and justice.

Turns out the common working man knows when he’s getting screwed. He’s not given a voice. He knows the wealthy and powerful simply use the government to transfer wealth from them to the wealthy and the powerful. He knows the EU, with all its technocratic baloney, is designed to take decision making out of the hands of people like him, and place it where votes don’t count and money talks.

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