The Progressive Compass – Vol. 1 Issue 7

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In the News

RP’s Own Kerri Barber Talks About What Nonprofit Certification Means for Real Progressives!

COO Kerri Barber talks about the exciting news from Real Progressives and the launch of our new activist organization, Real Progress in Action.

MMT Conference 2019

As MMT gains in popularity, the annual conference takes on greater importance. We present here the complete collection of videos from the Third International MMT Conference (September 27-29, 2019), including Ndongo Sylla on the CFA Franc, inspiring words from Pastor Coates of Our Money, an incredible panel on the relationship of public finance to racism and racial justice, and much more.

The Working Families Endorsement of Elizabeth Warren Creates a Controversy of Transparency

The Working Families Party’s endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for President in September 2019 provoked a massive protest by Bernie Sanders supporters. But this wasn’t a case of sour grapes — there was a lack of transparency that made this endorsement suspect.

The Road to Harrisburg: Behind the Scenes of an Event that Almost Didn’t Happen

Activism is about more than huge rallies. It’s about doing what you can with the resources you have – to carry the truth to the people. This is one activist’s boots-on-the-ground account of pulling together a local event.

Knowledge Area Spotlight: Technology and Innovation

Real Progressives focuses on seven knowledge areas. This month we are spotlighting Technology and Innovation.

A Global Industrial Revolution is Underway

The ideas behind Green New Deal aren’t just realistic – they’re real, too. The “Third Industrial Revolution,” championed by Jeremy Rifkin, is rolling out across the planet as we speak. This article examines the movement’s technological and structural specifics.

Our Disposable Culture

The Lascaux caves are marked by ancestors from tens of thousands of years ago, the Roman empire has statues and frescoes to mark their time here, the Book of Kells kept literacy alive through the Dark Ages, and the highways and by-ways built during the Depression are a legacy of our fathers and grandfathers. With nearly everything of our time preserved in the cloud and not paper, wood or stone, how will we of the 21st Century be remembered — if at all?

Techno Capitalism: A Fever Burning Everywhere

This is the information storm that never ends. How should progressives and other leftists navigate it? How should anyone navigate it?

MMT Spotlight

MMT is the cornerstone of the Real Progressives movement. As such it is imperative the concepts are clearly explained and defended.

Japan Does MMT?

Japan is a perfect example of MMT in action, right? Actually, no! While Japan runs high deficits and debt ratios, their policy seems to be to resist economic growth. Randall Wray, an icon in MMT economics, illuminates the Japan issue in this important article.

Bill Mitchell and Louisa Connors: Framing MMT Requires a Language Shift

Louisa Connors and William Mitchell argue that MMT needs to be reframed if it is to catch on. They’re right.

Real Progressives Writer’s Corner

The Johnson Amendment

LBJ’s knotty legacy is entangled with voting rights and Vietnam, but what does it have to do with mega-churches and superstar evangelists?

Behind the Curtain

The founding fathers’ worst nightmare has come to pass — but not in a way they could have ever imagined. Democracy may be dead and buried, but its pageantry will be reanimated again and again every election season.

Real Progressives’ Media Library

These are selections from Real Progressives’ audio and video work, from our Macro n Cheese podcast to our various live streams and video interviews.

The Legal Nature of Money and the History of the Federal Reserve

A Green New Tomorrow: A Survival Guide

PODCASTS: Rohan Grey is the founder and president of the Modern Money Network, a research scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, and a J.S.D. candidate at Cornell Law School, where his research focuses on the law of money in the internet society. He takes us from the origins of the US dollar through the history of American banking. Across two episodes, we get a fascinating look at the class struggle that led to the development of the Fed and that persists to this day.

Real Progressives National Outreach Call with Warren Mosler

In our first publicly open outreach call, we meet the father of MMT himself, Warren Mosler. This call is chock full of education about Modern Monetary Theory, how it came to be, and what it means for We The People.

The Building Blocks of the Green New Deal and Public Money

Do you want truth or myth? What about a Green New Deal? How do we address the climate crisis? What about the UBI? Would it make our lives worse? What if there was a better proposal that has a basic income built-in where needed, but did far more and paid far more than the UBI? The MMT-prescribed Federal Job Guarantee does just that.

Houston Global Climate Strike Happened at the Tail End of Hurricane Imelda

On September 20, 2019, students and activists held a strike to demand a more serious effort in the fight against climate change around the world. The day before, Houston was still being ravaged by the tropical storm Imelda, which flooded some areas with the same magnitude as Hurricane Harvey. In this footage, victims and observers stand together to fight climate change and spread awareness.

Savage Joy with Ro Khanna #4

Congressman Ro Khanna and Savage Joy discuss the Yemen war, homelessness, BDS, immigration, press, Julian Assange, the Federal Job Guarantee, Bernie 2020 and more!

The Real Debate: The Race to Unseat Pelosi

VIDEO: These three Dems challenging Nancy Pelosi (Agatha Bacelar, Shahid Buttar, and Tom Gallagher) cover pretty much every topic that needs to be addressed by any progressive candidate, from immigration and healthcare to BDS, for-profit prisons and everything in between.

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