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We’ve put together a collection of books by some of the most amazing people in Macroeconomics, the Progressive Movement, academia, law and business.  All of these authors are friends of our organization and we’re grateful for their voices.  You’ve probably met many of these folks on our podcasts or livestreams – we hope you’ll enjoy finding more of their work here on our Bookshelf!

Stephanie Kelton

The Deficit Myth

Deficits do matter, but not the way we’ve been taught to believe. We’ve been told that China is our banker and that Social Security and Medicare are pushing us into crisis. We’re told the U.S. could end up like Greece and that deficits will burden future generations. These are all myths.

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Reclaiming the State

With nationalism gaining support across the United States with each passing week, Reclaiming the State provides innovative ideas to mobilize and re-energize a tired, divided Left.

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Warren Mosler

Soft Currency Economics II

Soft Currency Economics is the little book that could logically, in both real and nominal terms, legitimately challenge many of the core held beliefs of the mainstream classical and neo-classical schools of economics.

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L. Randall Wray

Why Minsky Matters

A much-needed introduction to an economist whose ideas are more relevant than ever, Why Minsky Matters is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand why economic crises are becoming more frequent and severe―and what we can do about it.

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This groundbreaking new core textbook encourages students to take a more critical approach to the prevalent assumptions around the subject of macroeconomics, by comparing and contrasting heterodox and orthodox approaches to theory and policy.

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the case for a job guarantee book cover
Pavlina Tcherneva

The Case for a Job Guarantee

This compact primer is the ultimate guide to the benefits of one of the most transformative public policies being discussed today. It is essential reading for all citizens and activists who are passionate about social justice and building a fairer economy.

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Paying Ourselves to Save the Planet

This book explains why the “standard money theory” we insist on applying to the world is incapable of confronting the needs of modern society—most notably, the challenges of the global climate crisis.

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