Basic Income Guarantee vs Federal Jobs Guarantee

Dr. Pavlina Tcherneva describes how a Federal Job Guarantee (FJG) removes the threat of unemployment by offering a living wage with decent benefits in the public sector. Dr. Tcherneva also mentions that while she is a fan of certain basic income guarantees such as a universal child allowance, paid family leave, and expanded social security, she is not in favor of a universal basic income for all because it only provides access to the current system as structured and does not address the inequities we want to correct.

In other words, a UBI does not provide additional resources to the economy such as a living wage, affordable child care, healthcare, decent food, education, environmental care, etc.

FJG, on the other hand, would provide these resources that benefit communities and encourages people to participate in their communities. It would allow for work that serves the public purpose rather than private profit. Moreover, Dr. Tcherneva explains that many on the right who are proponents of the UBI want it to replace other social safety net programs such as food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, child care, etc. all of which produce more resources in the economy.

Listen to this podcast interview featuring Pavlina Tchernava, Genuine Hope: Completing the Roosevelt Revolution with Pavlina Tcherneva.

We have featured Pavlina Tcherneva in one of our MMTMondays episodes: Pavlina Tcherneva Presents the Federal Job Guarantee. 


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