When Votes Disappear

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As we enter the last quarter of 2017, many are tired of talking about the election fraud of the 2016 primaries. Whether you understand that something illegal happened or not, you probably are either tired of hearing about something that didn’t happen, or tired of hearing about something that nothing was done about. The dismissal of the DNC fraud lawsuit, in spite of the application for appeal, has caused many to retreat to a world where fraud never happened. Couple that with many who simply do the opposite of whatever Trump says, and if he says election fraud is possible, then it must not be.

But it most assuredly is, and most assuredly happened during the 2016 primaries on multiple levels. On some of these levels fraud can only be strongly suggested; but on others we have undeniable documented evidence, as proof that it did. We have evidence brought to light by professional mathematicians with a keen eye for statistical anomalies, we have grandmothers from Seattle stumbling across smoking guns, we have leaked emails from the DNC, we have purged voter rolls, we have falsified signatures, and illegally switched political affiliations.

And then there were instances of vote totals going down, as they came in live on primary election nights. That’s never supposed to happen. Vote tallying is a simple additive process, like a scoreboard at a game. Could you imagine the rioting, if a team at the Superbowl suddenly lost 10 points for no reason? And yet we see instances of that very thing happening with our vote totals in the US, and hardly anyone bats an eye. Even public figures like Roque De La Fuente couldn’t draw much attention to this issue.

Mainstream media never presented any of the other facets of election fraud in any sort of honest, non-biased way, if it presented them at all, so it’s no surprise that this one went under the radar. It’s also often dismissed as a case of “if I didn’t see it for myself, then it’s probably fake”. But what if you did see it for yourself, as many claim to have done, as the vote totals came in during the 2016 primary races? Chances are, you would pay much closer attention in future races, maybe even taking a screenshot every time the totals updated. Maybe you might even record the live vote totals as they came in on TV, as video is much harder to fake.

It appears as though that’s just exactly what happened, as many became aware of the problem, and sought to document any further anomalies themselves. For many, the primary race that started the ball rolling was Delaware. Many say they saw the vote totals for Bernie Sanders go down, after nearly 50% had reported for the whole state. Some were even taking screenshots, to document the results as they came in. Then images like these began being posted in social media circles:

Many people simply wouldn’t believe that election fraud could be happening so blatantly, right under people’s noses. There had to be another explanation, and for many that was fraud of a different kind. To them, pictures like that had to be faked. There had been talk of widespread electioneering and outright fraud going back to 2004, and before, but to see it out in the open like that, where just anybody could see it, seemed too audacious to be believed.

And yet more evidence surfaced, from the same event. Apparently, there were even more people trying to document the reported vote totals.

If someone only looked at the overall state totals, then the effect might have gone by unnoticed, but luckily people were looking at the individual county results, because those are often the most telling. Those often show a much more marked change when they go down, and that decrease often translated out into a smaller increase, when mixed in with other county results that make up the state totals, and might not show up as a drop at all. In order to spot the votes dropping, you often have to look at county results. But in the interest of thoroughness, and when there’s a discrepancy in statewide totals, it is preferable to be able to pinpoint where the problem originated, so paying attention to counties was a good thing anyway.

In spite of this corroboration, there are many that dismiss that entire event as a glitch in Washington Post’s monitoring software. Results from another agency would surely show a much more logical flow of data from the central tabulator. Or would it…

That one’s from The Guardian. Not only does it show a similar drop in votes for Sanders, with subsequent lapping by HRC, but it even calls the county for her (as indicated by the green check mark), in spite of the fact that she is losing by a 65% margin. There’s no doubt that something untoward is happening, but what, exactly? If the problem is not with one particular agency’s vote monitoring software, is it a glitch in the central tabulation system? If so, you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see it replicated over and over again. That’s why they call it a “glitch”. Yet that’s exactly what happened.

Curiouser and curiouser… “112% reporting”? 2000 lost votes later, it’s now 100%?

There’s definitely something rotten in Broome county, NY.

And wait one minute, did Hillary Clinton’s votes just go down also? They sure did, only not by as much as Bernie Sanders’ did. So HRC gained votes by losing less? That’s the end result, yes. There is more of that to be seen, but first we must address the fact that some will dismiss this entire thing as some big hoax, owing to the fact that screenshots can be easily edited. If only people had captured events like these as a video stream, which is much harder to fake…

Well it looks like somebody did, but again, the cynical, logical side of most people’s minds will default back to Occam’s Razor, and say that this event has its roots in some sort of technical glitch, and that a news report of the same event from a different network would probably show no such anomalous disappearance of votes. They’d be wrong.

Though this event was later attributed to a ‘faulty’ memory card reader, it doesn’t explain why this happened in state after state, unless the card readers were all rendered ‘faulty’ in the same way. Also, if a memory card reader reads the vote totals and submits that data, then it has perfomed its job. It hasn’t malfunctioned. If it deletes that data and the vote totals go down, that is not its purpose. It shouldn’t do that at all. It also doesn’t explain why nobody has yet found any such drops in votes from the Republican side, and you better believe there were people watching for the votes to swing for Trump during the primaries, just like there were those watching for the votes to swing in favor of Clinton.

There were already many groups of concerned voters who were independently investigating our election integrity, if Delaware was covered so well, but Delaware has very few counties. It could easily be handled by one person. Luckily it was handled by more than that, but with each passing primary race, there seemed to be more controversy, more discrepancies, and more inconsistencies. With that came more groups of people dedicated to capturing screenshots of live vote totals as they came in. There were groups like ‘Documenting Democratic Primary Election Fraud’, and ‘Bernie’s Election Fraud Team’ on facebook, among others.

What they sought to do, would be impossible for one person. Groups of people would be assigned states for each primary race, and from there those states would be broken down into groups of counties for each person in that group to monitor. Each time the vote totals updated, each person had to take a screenshot of each county they monitored. They couldn’t just wait for something weird to happen, because there would be no frame of reference from before it, to compare it with. This literally resulted in thousands of screencaps, that then needed to be processed for anomalous patterns like drops. It was a Herculean task.

But for those who could be bothered, it was worth it. These people needed to prove it one way or another for themselves, rather than have to rely on intuition for or against it. That personal experience does not often come cheaply. Some of the primary nights were 3-4 state affairs, and sometimes there were gaps in the area covered due simply to shortages in volunteers that night. There’s no telling what may have slipped by unnoticed, simply because there was nobody to watch the area where it occurred. It was a lot of work for everyone involved, and those who were left were already stretched as far as they could be.

But the results were examples like the ones above, and this one. The following series of screen caps is from New Mexico, and though the percent reporting and vote totals seem to be all out of order on the DNC side, look at the GOP results. They prove that these three screen caps are in the right order, chronologically. As the person who actually took these screencaps, I can personally vouch for their authenticity, and validate that these frames are in the proper order.

Notice that there are partial results for Santa Fe county in the first frame, but not in either subsequent frame, as if there had never been any results there at all. As you can see, the total number of votes lost when Santa Fe county was wiped = 38,739. The total number of votes counted for Santa Fe county, as it stands right now at 100% reporting, is 31,790. Even if those votes are the ones that were lost, how did they get lost, let alone found again, where are the other 8,000 votes, and what about the other votes that SURELY must have accumulated between 29% and 100%?

Also, how can it be that the percent reporting dropped from 23.8% to 22.1%, but then when it rose back up to 25.2%, a higher percentage than when the sequence started, it still had about 32,000 votes less?

Something is not right, but does it prove that the vote totals were hacked? Could this all have a perfectly reasonable explanation that doesn’t involve deliberate attempts to affect our vote totals? Even if there is one, why has there never been any evidence of vote manipulation on the GOP side? Why are there no videos showing Republican vote totals going down, at any time during the primaries? Why wouldn’t the same issues causing trouble for the DNC side affect the GOP side also?

And whether these lost votes are the result of a glitch, or intentional, why are they looked upon as unimportant? We’re talking about the loss of many thousands of votes. Those could be your votes, or mine. Of all the votes lost in just these meager examples mentioned above, 26,705 were for Bernie Sanders, 23,572 were for Hillary Clinton, and zero were for Donald Trump, or any Republican candidate.

And even if none of this proves fraud, it more than strongly suggests it. Like so many other aspects of election fraud, there is little proof of malicious intent, but when we as a country continue to use voting systems which were not designed to easily identify and thwart fraud, then we as a country are using voting systems which were designed to commit it. Transparency, oversight, regulation, and accountability are key in any voting system, but in the US we have none of those. We have sold them to a company who handles all of that for us, and we are forced to trust them with our vote totals. Which is more important: that we cannot prove that election fraud occurred, or that we cannot prove that it didn’t?

None of this is meant to overwhelm anyone, or cause them to lose hope and stop fighting, but if you can’t see your enemy, then you are not likely to hit it, or even know that it’s there. Education is the first step. If we as citizens cannot have ultimate oversight of the process because of privatization, then this is at least one way that normal people like us can keep watch on what’s goin’ on, and spot potential trouble areas when they arise. Until they outlaw public monitoring of vote totals completely, it’s one of the few methods we have to isolate problems ourselves.

So take this information, and be prepared for future elections. If there are no groups in your social media circles which are dedicated to detecting lapses in our election integrity like these, then make one! Promote it in other groups, and post requests for volunteer screen-cappers when important races are imminent. Divide your workforce into groups to handle each state, say 8-10 counties each, and either record your computer screen on video as the results come in for your counties, take individual screenshots, or use a tablet or phone for easy screencapping. Be sure to focus on counties, not just overall state totals!

The solution is for all of us to see the problem, understand it, and collectively demand that something be done about it, through organized, grassroots action on the local level, or some form of mass civil disobedience. To that end, being silent and ignorant won’t work. Awareness alone won’t solve the problem, but we’ll be on the right track finally. Stay alert, stay aware, stay vigilant, and never lose your sense of outrage!

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