Our Hearts Are Full

I’ve been following the news, watching the caravans from Central America. I wondered what makes people pull up stakes and walk over 1000 miles carrying everything they own, taking their small children with them on a journey full of danger? Desperation is the only answer. I’ve been waiting on our wonderful news media for in-depth coverage on regarding the origins of this human disaster.
I hear plenty about them at the border. See them too. But they never get a chance to speak. Their voices are silent. Only our wonderful journalists get to speak. I want to know what makes these people run. I’ve heard some suggested reasons. But what is the truth? How bad is it? How can we judge the actions of others if we don’t know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Once we know the whole truth not only can we judge them, we can also judge ourselves by the position we take regarding them.

Why isn’t the world from which these people are running from revealed to us by our media? I asked myself… Then, I remembered the tax cuts for the wealthy and the powerful, and their corporations. The quickness of the action. The surety of the movement. The confidence of the righteousness of the act. I realized then we don’t look because our hearts are already full. Our Hearts are full of the wants of the Wealthy and the Powerful. Our Hearts are full of the wants of the Elites. There’s no room in our hearts for the refugees from Central America.


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