Picture of the Laffer Curve

Behind the Curve

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Please explain to me how and why this perverted version of economic reality persists.

This trickle down, supply side economic policy based on a curve sketched on a bar room napkin (The Laffer Curve) that David Stockton distended into economic pseudoscience embedded into our national economic policy.

The efficacy never determined to be self-evident, never to be re-evaluated, and never to be rescinded.

If the basis of the nation’s economic performance can be attributed to an imaginary trickle of investment from on high — crumbs and end pieces from the loaf afforded the ruling elite — imagine what a real stream, such as Bernie’s stimulus proposal, or in the absolute sense, the  broad actualization of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and federal financing on demand?

If an imaginary trickle is so heralded, why is a real stream so heretical?

How is this illogic and avoidance of cause and effect allowed to stand?

Our omnipresent technocracy is built upon efficient logic and expedient logistics. 

None of that ability to find the shortest paths between points A and B are allowed to be applied to the maximization of economic potential across all levels of society —  for everyone, not just for the ruling and monied elite.

Anyone with the winning argument should perhaps sketch it on a bar room napkin like Arthur Laffer.

Maybe it’s a secret submission protocol required for effecting economic policy that has escaped the rest of us demanding more redistribution of wealth.

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