Africa’s Last Colonial Currency: The CFA Franc Story

Fanny Pigeaud, Ndongo Samba Sylla
Date Published:
How the CFA Franc enabled France to continue their colonies in Africa
Africa's Last Colonial Currency The CFA Franc Story book cover

Colonialism persists in many African countries due to the continuation of imperial monetary policy. This is the little-known account of the CFA Franc and economic imperialism.

The CFA Franc was created in 1945, binding fourteen African states and split into two monetary zones. Why did French colonial authorities create it and how does it work? Why was independence not extended to monetary sovereignty for former French colonies? Through an exploration of the genesis of the currency and an examination of how the economic system works, the authors seek to answer these questions and more.

As protests against the colonial currency grow, the need for myth-busting on the CFA Franc is vital and this exposé of colonial infrastructure proves that decolonisation is unfinished business.
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