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Longing for Genuine Global Solidarity

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You know that Green New Deal by Ed Markey and AOC,
it needs to be a Global GND.
Just read the document from the IPCC,
it’s gloomy as hell, but that’s the painful reality.
Our plan must be global, with reparations for the tragedy of ecological damage and colonial atrocity.

Millions of people want to live freely,
with justice for all, peace, and prosperity.
They want dignity and hope, not your charity.
Clean water, clean air, clean soil, that’s not a fantasy.

No more hunger and bread riots, we’ll have food sovereignty.
No more darkness nor smog, we’ll have clean energy sovereignty.
We’ll use the sun, the wind, the tides, and even some volcanic energy.
We’ll end the pain, we’ll end the suffering, we’ll build a truly circular economy.
We’ll change the metric to guide every public policy.
We’ll use GPI, laser-focused on quality of life, not some useless GDP.

It won’t be easy, cheap, or enemy-free.
The naysayers will scream, ‘the deficit, the debt, OMG it’s inflationary!
Little do they know, we have plenty of productive capacity.
We’ll build even more with our industrial strategy.
We’ll go after price-setters, cartels, and every monopoly.
We’ll setup Pecora-style hearings in every congressional committee.

We’ll fight corruption and greed, and end the oligarchy.
We will have a Brand New Congress in Washington DC.
535 lawmakers, and a true participatory democracy,
a government of the people, by the people, for the people, like it was supposed to be.

We’ll tax polluters, speculators, and the oligarchs; you see,
not because we need their money, or their permission to have an equitable society,
but because we need to decarbonize the system and fight inequality.

It’s the only way forward. I can’t compromise and settle for insanity.
Don’t try to distract my people with your conspiracy theories.
Qanon, Rothschilds, gold bugs, or a new kind of cryptocurrency.

Let’s stick to the facts, history, logic, and a simple accounting identity.
It’s all brought into shape focus under the lens of Modern Monetary Theory.
I know it’s a little silly but I like it, I made this poem rhyme with MMT.

It’s a paradigm shift, it’s undeniable, don’t you agree?
It changes the narrative, and it destroys the foundations of austerity.
A whole new world is possible, without artificial scarcity.
We’ll fight unemployment and poverty with a Job Guarantee,
with decent wages, full benefits, and every need covered if necessary.

We’ll make those jobs green, community-driven, and focus on the care economy.
We’ll look after the planet, the children, and the elderly.
Every living thing, every drop of water, every inch of soil, is our responsibility.
Every source of life is so precious; a gift in our custody, not some kind of private property.

I’m taking this global Climate Action plan very seriously,
because I don’t want to end up a Climate Refugee.

Call your Reps and tell them about Ayanna Pressley.
She wrote the Job Guarantee resolution, to complete the civil rights legacy.
Urge them to endorse it promptly.
Be sure to warn them: ignore us, and you will see,
your term in office will expire in January 2023.
Hit the streets and chant with me:
“By the ballot, or by decree, we demand a Job Guarantee!”

Humanity is longing for genuine global solidarity.
So join me in this struggle, it’s my final plea.
I’ll die trying if I have to, for this better future is within reach, and it’s yearning to be set free.

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